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  • 2016
    • April
      • From the depths of GMail...
        I was trying to find the picture of teenage me playing guitar naked like Blink 182 when...

        (click the image for a larger version)

  • 2014
    • July
    • June
      • Some hints for fumbling around Unreal Engine 4

        What this is
        This is a quick walk-through of the chaotic process I went through in recreating my 8-hour jumping game in Unreal Engine 4 using BluePrints only.
        I gave myself 8 hours again, seeing as I had the logic down and "simply" needed to learn a new environment (t

      • jmp:err in Unreal Engine 4, prototype 1

        What it is
        This is (the prototype of) an Unreal Engine 4 remake of my tiny 8-hour jumping game, featuring random level generation and so much lighting that it makes blind people wince.

        I set aside 8 hours to finally get started on Unreal Engine and while there's no p

    • May
    • April
      • Short-Sighted Snake prototype

        Get it here.

        What you're getting
        A Snake-type game where you are a short-sighted snake trying to find food in an unknown maze.

        This prototype is unproudly delivered to you in the form of a thousand different hacks tied together with tape made from hack ext

      • DWScript in a DLL
        Or to be quite silly:
        Delphi Web Scripting in a Dynamic Link Library for running Object Pascal scripts in C [and other languages]

        What it is.
        This is a simple Windows DLL (32-bit DLL provided) that enables you to compile and run Object Pascal scripts from within your favourite l

  • 2013
    • November
      • Avoiding blurry image drawing with the HTML5 Canvas
        I recently discovered the HTML5 Canvas, it's lovely, like the good old days of using $A000:0000!

        However, when drawing an image to the canvas it kept coming out all blurry. As it turns out, there are actually quite a few possible reasons for this to happen... here's a short chec

      • Remote eBook viewer
        Calibre is handy for organising eBooks.
        Stanza is really handy for reading eBooks on the iPad.
        Calibre can act as an eBook server.
        Stanza is capable of using this functionality to transfer books from your PC to your iPad.
        Hooray, all my book-reading requirements

    • October
      • Crazy Radioactive Angry Prism Shadows

        Okay, this will be a short one, but I can't explain how disproportionately joyous I am having finally got shadows working in C.R.A.P.

        It turns out I did NOT have to use shaders to do the shadows I wanted, as simple shadow volumes are sufficient to provide me with the shar

      • Crazy Radioactive Angry Prism Progress.

        Just a terrible tiny video update showing the latest features added to C.R.A.P:
        Different car handling typesPortals to different levels/areasBuildings and meshes now go transparent when you're behind themJumping out of moving/flying carsPedestrian(s) following A* pathsAbusing a

      • Crazy Radioactive Angry Path-Finding
        Go home A*, you're drunk.

        The figure on the right is what A* looks like when it's working properly.
        The figure on the left is what A* looks like when it's been bludgeoned over the head with a dead racoon whilst intoxicated.

        As shown by the differ

    • September
      • Crazy Radioactive Angry Prism, the Beginning

        It all started with a level editor...

        Well, that's a lie, it started through experimenting with the A* Path Finding algorithm in the hope of eventually making a car driven by an intelligent entity.

        2 weeks ago I decided to restart work on this project, and it

    • July
      • LÏKE 2D game engine framework-ish
        LÏKE is like LÖVE 0.8, but watered-down and less awesome.
        LÏKE is an implementation of a subset of LÖVE features.
        LÏKE does have some extensions though, such as live-reloading of assets and scripts and a touch API for touchscreens.
        LÏKE is a minimal framework you can use to make

    • May
      • jmp err: Making a game in 8 hours
        I touched my first computer at age 16. I almost made a game immediately.
        I almost made a game every month of every year for the next 16 years.
        There's only so much self-respect you can lose until you just have to prove that you're capable of finishing something

    • April
      • Announcing project-GRR (Google Reader Replacement)

        Seeing as Google Reader is going out of action in June and that it's the only way I would ever know what was important in my life, I decided it was time to make the Google Reader Replacement I kept threatening to make.

        project-GRR will hopefully not only replicate the behaviour

      • A* Path Finding experiment.
        Ever since I started to code I wanted to have a game character move from one place to another intelligently, no pre-canned paths.

        The A* search algorithm allows you to do this, but due to my age/indifference/attention span I never got round to understanding how it worked ("

    • March
      • smallpt Turbo Pascal 3 port

        Because I suffer from rare diseases (like getting to know people in shops really well then not being able to go there anymore because I feel like I'm making them feel awkward), I ended up porting the smallpt global illumination renderer from 99 lines of C++ code to 666 lines of Turbo Pasc

    • January
      • Embedding Lua 5.2 in C (calling Lua from C, and vice versa)
        I tried to find a simple example that showed me:
        How to call some Lua script from within C
        How to call a C function from within the Lua script
        How to pass an instance of a structure/class to the script and have it call functions on it

        Being naive I thought find

      • Things... "change"...

        Sometimes someone I know feels down,
        sometimes that person is me,
        sometimes I want to see what monstrosity
        I can make with default assets in programs.

        This was going to be a life-affirming cheerleader,
        but the giggles got hold of the controls.
        (click the ima

  • 2012
    • October
      • Pretty MIDI with FluidSynth and SoundFonts
        Recently I started looking at ways to get Drumpster to output MIDI on non-Windows platforms and came across FluidSynth. It allows for MIDI playback and conversion to WAV files if you so choose. In order to do so, you need to provide a SoundFont (which provides instrument samples that are used to con

    • August
      • Drumpster v0.2 - "What the heck" release.
        This new version of Drumpster has been "ready" for ages now, I didn't want to release it because it simply isn't good enough.
        (the "MIDI Playback" button doesn't do anything unless you enable it in the configuration file first, there aren't proper icons f

    • July
      • Bridge Builder tutorial progress.

        (click the image for a larger version)

        Download the source code and either add the files to a Visual Studio Win32 solution that links to SDL and Box2D, or on Linux do:
        g++ main.cpp -lSDL -lBox2D


        While this is by no means THE bridge builder t

      • DeathBot loves Hoomans.

        DeathBot knew that -somewhere over the rainbow- was a human that
        would fill its heart with fleshy fuel.(click the image for a larger version)
        Modelled in Sketchup
        Rendered in Blender

    • June
      • Insurance phone call.
        Sat in a colleagues office using her phone to listen to all the money
        involved in me being alive and my seemingly-more-important death...
        My mind drifted into the children's colouring in book on her desk,
        and when I hung up, this had appeared.(click the image for a larger version

      • Burning Built Bridges.
        Once again I find myself building an effigy of my sorry self with the intent of beating it with a poo-covered hindsight stick.

        I move to Sweden, finally get settled in, get my first ever iPhone, launch up the AppStore in Swedish and... BAM, two bridge building games in the top charts: Fat

    • April
      • Python doesn't actually suck too much...
        Rambly introductory
        Until recently, I had no reason to code something in Python, as I had all my bases covered by C/C++, ObjectPascal, and PHP.
        Lately work has had me pottering with some utilities written in Python, and even though I don't "know" Python, I could read the cod

      • Puppy Rain
        I had a dream. I had a dream about a black and white game where puppies are constantly falling from the sky, their shadows growing as they themselves grow nearer, and it is up to you to not be hit by a single one of them while traversing the level, using those shadows as a guide.

        The prob

    • March
      • TISFAT source release.
        Oh TISFAT.

        I keep claiming it's the worst written code on the planet... and recently someone asked if they could have the source to "play around with" (more likely it would have its way with them).

        After being quite happy that I had lost the source a while back a

    • March
      • So many sausages, oh my!...
        Compile using Visual Studio or GCC/G++ (gcc main.c -lm, or g++ main.cpp)

      • You remind me of Funny.
        You tell someone something and they start laughing.

        What a great feeling. Either your story is amusing, or something you said made them laugh… you’re funny.
        You’ve managed to find something that touches this person, you’re in, you’re awesome, they will come to you again bec

      • Obvious Shock and Blame.
        I get the bus (The DiseaseMobile!) to and from work every weekday, and have done so for the past 8 years.
        As you can imagine (… is that assuming too much? Was that too condescending sweety?) I have many stories I could tell about my journeys, but today I’ll focus on just two aspects: shock

    • January
      • Tweenimator progress.
        So, some progress on Tweenimator:

        Astute readers may notice that images are now working, meaning I could add the world's ugliest test-UI too.

        Also shown is how complex stick figures can be built from scratch.

        Not show in action are the "move sti

      • Announcing Tweenimator, because I'd rather code than learn how to draw.
        First there was the fine motor skills of an elephant.
        Then there was TISFAT, which worked for a while, mostly, almost.
        Then there was an unreleased tisfatTOO, which did nothing but frustrate me.

        But now that tablets are common-place, and there are touch-screens actually capable

      • PlayBook Drumpster
        So, the BlackBerry PlayBook went on a firesale of sorts yesterday, and I had a voucher from my awesome work, so I naturally had to go get one for super cheap.

        It took about 2 hours in total to get the SDK installed and Drumpster ported... The WebOS changes making it a straight-forward por

      • Rooms o’ filth.
        Bathrooms. Oh my.

        Bathrooms are awesome. Not one is the same, even if they’re cloned in a factory, after just one day of use, they’re a unique snowflake (containing the same decaying matter as the others).

        Much like next-to-a-dustbin being the safest place to stand to be fr

      • Sorry I’m not sorry.
        I was originally going to write a short entry about how people are so ready to apologise for things that aren’t really their fault, but never do for things that directly are.

        I initially thought about how someone would apologise for elbowing someone as a result of a sneeze, but not for

  • 2011
    • December
      • Uncharted Condescension.
        The Uncharted trilogy is a fantastic series of games, 1 and 2 being amongst my favourite games.

        I’ve finally started playing Uncharted 3 and can’t help but notice how it’s not so much holding my hand, as holding my head on the sides and rubbing my nose in the answers to puzzles scre

      • WebOS Drumpster
        So, I finally managed to get myself a TouchPad, and it's even more awesome than I thought it would be.
        It's currently set up to dual boot between Android and WebOS, and it runs Ubuntu within WebOS just peachily.
        WebOS just feels so good to use, the browser just _feels_ nicer to u

    • November
      • Announcing MonkeyBot: Because I'd rather code than learn how to use SSH
        While that's not strictly true, I am overly paranoid about a bunch of things, opening a port on my firewall being one of them.
        Not because I think SSH might have flaws, or the firmware on my modem, but because I'm a complete dufus with no self-esteem who doesn't trust himself, an

      • Tension.
        Over the past few years (for a million different self and non-self inflicted reasons) I have become insanely uptight, often getting upset about things I don’t actually care about.

        Deep down, I’m incredibly relaxed and calm, and nothing bugs me, because it’s all just life, and we’r

    • October
      • Drumpster v0.1 is out!
        So, I finally decided to release Drumpster.
        Even though the only reason it works slightly is because it is so broken (it can't even get being broken right).

        The configuration/song creation tool is about 80% done, so until then, some documentation on how to do stuff is here.
      • “I thought you said…”

        One of the most vile things someone could say.

        “But I thought you said you didn’t get cold”
        No, I said I like the cold. Implying that I realise it IS cold, implying I am able to get cold, and simply like that I may get warm in it, or cool down easily.

    • September
      • RockBand makes me play the devils music.
        So, games are evil, we all know that. I just thank God that someone is doing research to figure out just how evil.

        The general point of the article I have linked to, is that gamers can’t tell the difference between the fantasy game world and the real world, and how that’s a bad thing.

      • GodBBS, Banned goods, Manliness.
        There’s a board outside a church on the way to work that receives new (or recycled) inspirational message weekly.

        Some are printed out neatly by a dot matrix that hasn’t been able to kill itself yet, others are seemingly written in the scabby leftovers of crayons that have

    • August
      • This coding thing is haaard...
        So, I had a showstopper bug whereby the notes would sometimes appear all of a sudden halfway down the "lane" of Drumpster.
        The problem is that I was only ever intending on loading MIDI files, so was lazy optimised the note adding function to always add notes in the order they came fro

      • (FreePascal + Lazarus) doesn't suck anymore!
        It's been a while since I touched Delphi, but I've always loved it for rapid prototype development... hell, I made TISFAT in it without even knowing how to code (and boy does it show!).

        Since I recently decided to make a Drumpster configuration file editor, I thought I'd du

      • Huzzah...ahhh bugger.
        After a week of some really good coding, I had GP3/GP4 loading completed PERFECTLY, so it was time for a release!
        Except I hadn't. Lying in bed, I rose from my position as if possessed by a Bloodhound... buggery, I had forgotten to implement the "repeat" flag.

        So, whe

    • July
      • Guitar Pro > MIDI
        I thought that supporting MIDI in Drumpster was the way to go, "it's the most popular format in the world!", and it would bring support for FoFiX and friends.
        Sadly, "most popular in the world" also means "incredibly difficult to find", especially free, non-la

    • April
    • March
    • January
      • Lhythm, the music action game!

        Lhythm is a work in progress of a clone of the current spate of music games out there, born out of the frustration gained from watching loading screens, and a curiousity of the technologies involved.
        Right now, it's heavily focussed on the drums aspect, but that's only bec

      • USB Launcher
        I have a machine stashed behind my TV, it never has a keyboard or mouse plugged into it.

        It does, however, have a bunch of different USB devices that get plugged into it when I want to play a different game, e.g., USB Dance Mat for StepMania, USB Rock Band Drums for FoFiX.
        Finding an

  • 2010
    • April
      • The Suicide Bar

        Lack of repeat business meant the Suicide Bar
        had suffered some cutbacks.(click the image for a larger version)
        Modelled in Sketchup
        Rendered in Kerykthea

      • Unwanted

        This started out as the bus stop where I stalk someone every morning,
        but laziness lead to this somewhat cut-down version.(click the image for a larger version)
        Modelled in Blender
        Rendered in Blender

    • March
    • January
  • 2009
    • December
      • Bitterness is so sweet...

        The past is always so much more amusing when the present is
        even more unbearable.(click the image for a larger version)
        Modelled in Blender
        Rendered in Blender

    • October
      • Displaying the Happy

        Yet another failed attempt at putting head to renderer.

        In my head, I saw someone running with the joy normally seen when a
        child runs with a kite, and the kite just happened to be his heart
        flapping free in the wind, tethered to his own intestines (because
        what the h

      • BifferBoard Midnight Commander

        This shows the results of a quick port of Midnight Commander to the BifferBoard, outputting graphics to a hacked keyring photoframe.

        Basically, I made a 5x7 bitmap font, and made my own ncurses library replacement to output the graphics to the hacked keyring

      • Tangent #1

        Doom on a BifferBoard
        I made a little page of info about it here.

        Basically it's Remood, built statically, with the video being redirected to a keyring photoframe, and the input coming from the terminal.

        I did this "as quickly as I could", meanin

    • September
      • Aunt Betty's

        The heaters are on, and everyone's breathing nice and heavily...
        an open window at the back is hardly going to suck us all out.(click the image for a larger version)
        Modelled in Blender
        Rendered in Indigo

      • Bridge Building Game update - 26 September 2009

        Added a car to the mix (final version will have trains, planes, and monkeys [probably])
        Made the bridge less bouncy
        Tested building a bridge across a gap without fixed points


        I'm going to add a "well done, you made it" message thingy
      • Bugs are fun.

        When testing an exporter, you always see interesting things...
        I simply liked the resulting shape.(click the image for a larger version)
        Modelled in Blender
        Rendered in Indigo

    • August
      • Bridge Builder Update - 30 August
        It might not seem like I did much, for this weeks update, but loads under the hood has changed.

        I learnt that the size of the Box2D world has an enormous affect on the speed of the simulation, so I've simply divided by 10 to keep the world smaller.
        As such, I've

      • Bridge Builder Update - 16 August 2009
        Just minor tests this week:

        test menu system, want to make it into a nice expanding sun, and highlight the ray that's selected
        test pin moving and editing "widget"

        The only sensible way to create bridge segments is for the user to put a finger down on the st

    • July
      • Tile map editor for Bridge Builder prototype
        Summary: this week I used Tiled to create a map for a parallax game level in Cocos2D, processing it with a custom written tool to calculate the Box2D collision area for the map automatically.

        Tiled is a nice and portable tile map editor
        There is a plugin here to export th

      • Box2D Bridge Joint experiments.
        In order to finally start iPhone development, I decided to start with something I would enjoy, required the least amount of Objective C fiddling, and had a graphics API I was familiar with, OpenGL.

        Enter left, the bridge building game. The physics are beyond my capabilities, so I figured

      • Learning Objective-C with the Bridge Builder prototype
        A day late, but it was my first attempt at all this Objective C nonsense.

        It's a simple bridge builder prototype, where you have a canyon, a vehicle, and some building materials to build a bridge with, in order to get the car to the other side.
        It worked out remarkably well, so

      • Cocos2D and Box2D experiments.
        Seeing as this week was anything but filled with awesome and fun spare time, this weeks submission is on the sucky side.

        Cocos2D looked interesting, so I figured I'd do a test to see how easy it'd be to integrate physics with it, and while they claim "integratio

    • June
      • Hangin' around

        I just wanted to play with shadows. So did the cat evidently.(click the image for a larger version)
        Modelled in Blender
        Rendered in Blender