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LÏKE is like LÖVE 0.8, but watered-down and less awesome.
LÏKE is an implementation of a subset of LÖVE features.
LÏKE does have some extensions though, such as live-reloading of assets and scripts and a touch API for touchscreens.
LÏKE is a minimal framework you can use to make 2D games in Lua.
LÏKE works on Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, Android, iOS, QNX (PlayBook) and WebOS.
LÏKE is a self-contained single executable less than 500Kb in size, written in C from scratch using OpenGL, Lua 5.2, PortAudio and the Chipmunk Physics engine.

I made my first game, jmp:err, using LÖVE. The experience of learning Lua and a new framework in a day was great.
Some things about LÖVE annoyed me though, the lack of proper ports to other platforms, the font API and I had disagreements, etc.

So, as things always go, I thought I'd make my own version the next weekend as a challenge, using the API in a "black-box" type approach.
After two days of crazily bad coding, I got my game running in my own version of the engine, exciting!

The main goal was just to get my game running on Android, but with the groundwork basically done, I figured I would keep on working on it.
I decided to port my bridge tutorial to Lua in an effort to learn "classes" in Lua and get a grips with the physics engine.
One thing lead to another and BAM, LÏKE was born.

See what's currently implemented by visiting the LÏKE page via the link on the sidebar.
Downloads for all platforms to be put up once I get my PC at home running again.

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