NoshBar's Dumping Ground

A day late, but it was my first attempt at all this Objective C nonsense.

It's a simple bridge builder prototype, where you have a canyon, a vehicle, and some building materials to build a bridge with, in order to get the car to the other side.
It worked out remarkably well, so I think I'll develop it further in a proper game.
There are so many "feels right" values in it, and I wonder if I should perform some sort of proper tension simulation with "real" values in... but if it feels good, -hey-.

The Box2D iPhone TestBed by Simon Oliver (of Rolando fame) was such a great starting block, it made developing this fun.
I checked out Box2D revision 2.0.2 from SVN, and used the tags folder, mostly because I didn't know where to start, and the SVN tag had an iPhone project in it.

The Box2D framework side remains largely untouched, I just played with a few values to get things how I wanted them, and made the mousedown callback return true if it had consumed the event.
Get the code here.

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