I have a machine stashed behind my TV, it never has a keyboard or mouse plugged into it.

It does, however, have a bunch of different USB devices that get plugged into it when I want to play a different game, e.g., USB Dance Mat for StepMania, USB Rock Band Drums for FoFiX.
Finding and plugging a keyboard in to launch an application and then swap it out with e.g., drums is a pain.


  • Click the "Add" button
  • Type in a friendly name for the entry
  • Locate an executable to run
  • Plug in the USB device you want to trigger execution of said program
  • Wait for the PID and VID boxes to populate
  • Accept the entry.

And hey presto, the next time you plug that USB device in, the program you've associated with it will launch.

Attached is the first version of the tool, it works for me, but I cannot be held liable for any damages it may cause. I can't stress enough how quickly and poorly these were coded.

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