NoshBar's Dumping Ground

I thought that supporting MIDI in Drumpster was the way to go, "it's the most popular format in the world!", and it would bring support for FoFiX and friends.
Sadly, "most popular in the world" also means "incredibly difficult to find", especially free, non-lame, ringtone-only abominations.

Then I thought about the Guitar Pro format... how hard could it be, right?
I've reverse engineered the binary DirectX mesh format before, so why not try this for fun?

Unfortunately, people have already trod this path before, and there is documentation for this all: ... 1#p3378011

So now all that remains is for me to read this, somehow lure my brain into interpreting it, and then coercing my hands into coding it...
If the MIDI format description has taught me anything, it's that I'm a moron who doesn't understand la-dee-da speak.

Once done, I have a library of a squabillion songs I could play... almost guaranteed to have a semi-decent drum truck, huzzah!

Trying to add some sort of custom theme support at the moment... it's going the opposite of well, but -hey-.
Baby steps.

Once the Guitar Pro format is implemented, and I have finalised the configuration options, I will release the first public version.
You know, to all the people not reading this.

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