NoshBar's Dumping Ground

So, I had a showstopper bug whereby the notes would sometimes appear all of a sudden halfway down the "lane" of Drumpster.
The problem is that I was only ever intending on loading MIDI files, so was lazy optimised the note adding function to always add notes in the order they came from the file.
GuitarPro files store things a little differently though, and I would sometimes add notes with an earlier time to the current end of the list.
So that's now fixed, yay!

Sadly, trying Drumpster on Linux again, the custom meshes are being displayed 90 degrees to the left on their Y axis.
It's OpenGL, it shouldn't make a difference what OS I'm on... so gee, I guess I just suck at this.
But that's something I can fix later, seeing as the OBJ loader right now is the result of a really quick prototype session anyway.

I guess this means that my next post will be a release of some sorts... unless of course, my outstanding coding skills let me down yet again and another bug from the hellmouth is uncaged.

A side note: I started thinking about how TISFAT would work on something like the iPhone or iPad... and what the interface would look like... so much so, that I think I might have to do some sort of prototype of it...
But then again, TISFAT is basically just that in the first place... so... tisfatTOO, coming to an iOS device near you?

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