So, games are evil, we all know that. I just thank God that someone is doing research to figure out just how evil.

The general point of the article I have linked to, is that gamers can’t tell the difference between the fantasy game world and the real world, and how that’s a bad thing.

They have a point. Sometimes I struggle to tell the difference too, and end up doing evil things in GTA4, such as driving an ambulance, being an honest cop, and obeying the rules of the road.
Sometimes, just sometimes, while playing Kirby’s Epic Yarn, I get the desire to grab some scissors and thread and violently fix the ventilation hole by the crotch of my trousers.
Don’t even get me started on Dance Central… the results should not be witnessed by the innocent and untainted (actually, that part is true).

That aside, one of my favourite quotes from the article is how a guy would love to be able to use a “search button” to find someone in a crowd. That kind of revolting evil makes my skin crawl, almost as much as the guy who wants to use a gravity gun to pick a sandwich up.

All this talk almost sounds like people trying to think of solutions… almost as if… they were inventing… with… with an imagination! Why, could you imagine how quickly the Hellmouth would open if someone were to invent some sort of electronic book that you could search through?

Sure, they mention the usual “I did play Grand Theft Auto and then wanted to drive through pedestrians on the pavement, like”… well, good! Let’s weed out the mentally unhinged… it’s far more difficult to get that kind of massacre right than it is to be a smart and silent serial killer, nigh on impossible to catch.

And hey, gamers finding a cure for HIV quicker than scientists is just going to lead to over-population and quicker depletion of natural resources… I think I’m going to be sick.

Books, movies, games, daydreaming… lobotomies for all, I say!

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