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One of the most vile things someone could say.

“But I thought you said you didn’t get cold”
No, I said I like the cold. Implying that I realise it IS cold, implying I am able to get cold, and simply like that I may get warm in it, or cool down easily.

And therein lies the problem.

It never seems like a question, which it really should be. It should be someone clarifying what they REMEMBER you saying against what you really did. A friendly reminder to carry on discussion.
But it rarely is. It’s a statement, normally accusational, one that puts you on such a backfoot that you can’t even remember what you said originally.

Hell, even if I did say I “never got cold”, and even if you were NUH enough to accept such a ludicrous statement as pure fact… there are exceptions, right? Perhaps I am ill, perhaps it is colder than I have ever felt, perhaps my faith in human-kind has fallen to an all-time low and the hollowness inside is causing more energy-loss than usual.

It’s a statement to beat someone with.

Almost like you’ve been building up some sort of resentment towards someone for little things they do, but you’ve had nothing you could really latch your anger onto… and then this opportunity to call them out on something (“LIAR!”, “Misleader!”, “I AM RIGHT, YOU ARE WRONG WHORE, HAHAH!”) comes up, and you pounce at it, “But I thought you said you didn’t kill hookers anymore?”… sheesh, we all have our off days.

We all say things about ourselves to the world as a hint of who we are, or at least who we like to think we are.
It isn’t all true, but it isn’t a lie. Perceptions and opinions are not fact, if anything, they should be exciting things we can discuss with glee and become closer because of it.

Here’s to being more observant of my tongue, hoping that phrase shall never leave my mouth again.

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