NoshBar's Dumping Ground

I had a dream. I had a dream about a black and white game where puppies are constantly falling from the sky, their shadows growing as they themselves grow nearer, and it is up to you to not be hit by a single one of them while traversing the level, using those shadows as a guide.

The problem is, when they splatter on the ground with a satisfying squealch, they make the surface slightly slippery, each compounding splatter making that area even more slippery... making it tougher to stop with precision and avoid the growing shadows above you.

The logo would be a spoof of PurpleRain, a movie with Prince in, one I never saw, but read all about in MAD magazine when I was young.

I have never made a "complete" game before, which is lame, and it's sad that it took a dream about being in a 48 hour programming competition, but at least I feel slightly inspired.

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