Okay, this will be a short one, but I can't explain how disproportionately joyous I am having finally got shadows working in C.R.A.P.

It turns out I did NOT have to use shaders to do the shadows I wanted, as simple shadow volumes are sufficient to provide me with the sharp, clear shadows I wanted.
(I had finally taken the jump into learning shaders and actually got shadows working ... alright ... with them. But they were either too soft or jagged, and not "precise" enough).

Of course, I say "simple shadow volumes" when I really mean, well, they ARE simple, but there doesn't seem to be a quick explanation of how to calculate them. There are loads and loads of examples out there, each one showing the stencil mapping procedure you need to use, but most gloss over the calculation of the silhouette of the object in the first place.

Sure, if I'm doing stuff in 3D I should know what a dot product is and stuff, but I can't help but feel that there's space for a simplified explanation... one I may just make "soon".

Oh, and in the picture above, C.R.A.P. is currently keeping his cool in the slowly undulating waves of the water surrounding the city.
Yes, that's right, you can "swim"/float in the water, take THAT GTA 1 through (<4).

With the "water" and the shadows, everything is just looking and "feeling" so much better. I would even go so far as to describe things as "not so ugly".

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