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What you're getting

A Snake-type game where you are a short-sighted snake trying to find food in an unknown maze.

This prototype is unproudly delivered to you in the form of a thousand different hacks tied together with tape made from hack extract with a sprinkling of the worst "levels" ever "designed".

What I wanted to do

Well, for starters, "Short-sighted Snake" abbreviates beautifully to "SSS".
This is both often the onomatopoeia used for snakes AND an abbreviation for SubSurface Scattering... meaning I would have had the opportunity to go crazy with making 3 beautifully SSS rendered snakes next to each other to display the logo "SSS".

Title-screens aside, of course I wanted there to be a nice user interface for selecting levels, viewing scores, etc., but alas, I've just run out of the opportunity to be able to work on this any longer.

How to play

Upon loading the "game", use SPACE to start the game, then the arrow keys for changing direction of the snake.

As an added bonus hindering feature, you can also press "3" to view the level in pseudo-3D where the food sometimes becomes obscured by walls.

How to make levels

Should you one day lose your senses and decide you'd like to play this "game", you can make your own levels to replace the ones kindly provided in this distribution by Satan himself.
  • Levels are 32-bit PNG image files
  • Walls are defined by painting with a colour whose Alpha value is an even number
  • Upon startup, the game looks for consecutive files named "level1.png", "level2.png" and so on, until "level<N>.png" is not found.

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