What it is

This is (the prototype of) an Unreal Engine 4 remake of my tiny 8-hour jumping game, featuring random level generation and so much lighting that it makes blind people wince.

I set aside 8 hours to finally get started on Unreal Engine and while there's no proper objective beyond getting to the top right now, the basic gameplay mechanics of only being able to jump on the platform matching your current colour is working.
It's naturally also a delight to be able to visually edit a particle system... and replacing the sparks with an explosive particle system to enable Michael Bay mode is AWESOME!

Sane and pretty level generation comes next, as well as a few billion other "tiny" things (prettier materials, scoring, etc.)...

Capturing footage

I'm (definitely) probably just being stupid, but I thought that ShadowPlay from Nvidia was the solution to all my game-footage capturing problems.

Well, first I had to update my video driver, fair enough.
Then it simply wouldn't "switch on".
You have to re-install the GeForce Experience application.
Then I couldn't seem to capture footage of a windowed-game, only full screen...
Oh look, it's randomly scaling things to fit something somewhere.

TL;DR: use Open Broadcaster Software, close the Unreal Editor, start your game, set OBS to "Game Mode" and you're set.

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