NoshBar's Dumping Ground

A day late, but it was my first attempt at all this Objective C nonsense.

It's a simple bridge builder prototype, where you have a canyon, a vehicle, and some building materials to build a bridge with, in order to get the car to the other side.
It worked out remarkably well, so I think I'll develop it further in a proper game.
There are so many "feels right" values in it, and I wonder if I should perform some sort of proper tension simulation with "real" values in... but if it feels good, -hey-.

The Box2D iPhone TestBed by Simon Oliver (of Rolando fame) was such a great starting block, it made developing this fun.
I checked out Box2D revision 2.0.2 from SVN, and used the tags folder, mostly because I didn't know where to start, and the SVN tag had an iPhone project in it.

The Box2D framework side remains largely untouched, I just played with a few values to get things how I wanted them, and made the mousedown callback return true if it had consumed the event.
Get the code here.

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Seeing as this week was anything but filled with awesome and fun spare time, this weeks submission is on the sucky side.

Cocos2D looked interesting, so I figured I'd do a test to see how easy it'd be to integrate physics with it, and while they claim "integration" already, it basically just means that you get Box2D 2.0.2 in the zip file.
That's fine though, as everything's simple enough to just get working.

You can't see it in the video (as the quality is appalling, sorry), but the things being tested are:

  • menu's
  • layers (3 levels of sea)
  • alpha (the levels of sea)
  • sequenced actions (the sea rocking automatically in the background)
  • particles
  • bouyancy with Box2D 2.0.2

If by some chance you're in dire need of throwing up, the source can be found here.

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I just wanted to play with shadows. So did the cat evidently.
(click the image for a larger version)

Modelled in Blender
Rendered in Blender

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