NoshBar's Dumping Ground

Doom on a BifferBoard
I made a little page of info about it here.

Basically it's Remood, built statically, with the video being redirected to a keyring photoframe, and the input coming from the terminal.

I did this "as quickly as I could", meaning that an exorcist will be required if you ACTUALLY look at the source code, but -hey-.

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The heaters are on, and everyone's breathing nice and heavily...
an open window at the back is hardly going to suck us all out.
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Modelled in Blender
Rendered in Indigo

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  • Added a car to the mix (final version will have trains, planes, and monkeys [probably])
  • Made the bridge less bouncy
  • Tested building a bridge across a gap without fixed points


  • I'm going to add a "well done, you made it" message thingy
  • Some sort of explosion for when the top and front of the car experience extreme forces.

Saw an interesting post on the Box2D forums about hanging heavy objects from light objects, and how that's probably a bad thing, so I'll have to check that the bridge doesn't end up doing that during the game.

Also came across this interesting post on the Cocos2D forums about static analysis:
the links contained within are handy for stoopid people like me.

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When testing an exporter, you always see interesting things...
I simply liked the resulting shape.
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Modelled in Blender
Rendered in Indigo

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It might not seem like I did much, for this weeks update, but loads under the hood has changed.

  • I learnt that the size of the Box2D world has an enormous affect on the speed of the simulation, so I've simply divided by 10 to keep the world smaller.
  • As such, I've got to re-tweak the physics of the bridge elements, as the bridge is now waaay too elasticy.
  • I couldn't for the life of me figure out how to make the parallax zoom in on the middle focal point of the screen using Cocos2D's Parallax Node, so I simply implemented parallax scrolling myself.
  • I started just changing the Menu text to "Play Game", but got carried away and made a lame intro screen.

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