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BifferBoard Doom


This is the absolutely horrible, but quick way of getting Doom running on the BifferBoard, outputting graphics to a hacked keyring photoframe.


When compiling for the BifferBoard, it's easiest to link the program statically, otherwise you might be met by an unhelpful
./<program> not found
from the ash shell on the BifferBoard.

NOTE: I couldn't get Remood to compile and run successfully on my Ubuntu 9.04 installation, so I made a very basic Debian Lenny VirtualBox installation to test if Remood worked at all (apt-get g++ automake autoconf).
It DID, and made linking SDL statically much easier, as there was hardly anything to support, as the installation was so basic.

  • 1. Download SDL 1.2 from here
  • 2. Extract the archive to a folder
    (referred to as "<SDLDIR>" from here on)
  • 3. Configure SDL using the following options:
    ./configure --prefix=/usr --enable-audio-nas=no --disable-oss --disable-esd --enable-pulseaudio=no --enable-shared=no --enable-ipod=no --enable-video-x11=no --enable-video-nanox=no --enable-video-opengl=no --enable-video-directfb=no --enable-video-ps2gs --enable-video-cocoa=no --enable-video-svga=no --enable-audio-mintaudio=no --enable-audio-alsa=no
  • 4. In <SDLDIR>, run "make" only
  • 5. Download Remood SVN snapshot from here
  • 6. Extract the archive to a folder
    (referred to as "<DOOMDIR>" from here on)
  • 7. Unarchive this to your <DOOMDIR> folder,
    overwriting GNUmakefile, isrc/sdl/i_video.c, and adding st2205.([c|h)
    (video output is redirected to the photoframe, and keyboard input
    is now handled by a non-blocking terminal getch call, providing
    two methods of input, one might suit you more than the other,
    see the comments in the file to change them)
  • 8. In <DOOMDIR>, run "make" only
  • 9. Copy the generated SDL library to the <DOOMDIR>/objs folder
    cp <SDLDIR>/build/.libs/libSDL.a <DOOMDIR>/objs/
  • 10. Change to the <DOOMDIR>/objs folder, and run
    gcc *.o -static -L./ -lSDL -lpthread -ldl -lm

The binary runs on most Linux-toting X86 machines, and can be downloaded here.


  • remember to put a e.g., doom1.wad in the same folder as your Doom executable
  • run this as "sudo ./doom -episode 1" to make your life easier (root access is required to access the photoframe at /dev/sdb)
  • when everything's finished loading, you'll see something resembling "accept" on the screen, this is the profile selection screen, just hit DOWN and ENTER to continue
  • CTRL is shoot, 'm' brings up the menu, SPACE opens door, and 'i','j','k','l' are for movement, as I'm left handed (HAH!)