NoshBar's Dumping Ground



Drumpster is a simple drum-oriented RockBand clone that can load FoFiX, plain MIDI, Guitar Pro, and Drumpster song packages - including open and closed hi-hat states.

Drumpster is configurable and lightweight with few dependencies, requiring no external libraries on Windows and OSX, using only GL and GLU on Linux.

The main goal of Drumpster was to create a tiny standalone executable that would run on low-powered hardware with a touch-screen.

FoFiX does a much better and prettier job of being a game right now (and probably always will) but it does however demand quite a modern PC (my 3rd world laptop chokes, and the AppleTV juuust about runs it OK).


Currently working:

  • Loading FoFiX songs
  • Loading MIDI songs with mostly accurate drum-track guesstimation
  • Loading Guitar Pro 3 and 4 format songs
  • Displaying the songs in a RockBand way
  • Lyrics

Coming "soon":

  • Input handling
  • Scoring
  • Sound
  • Guitar Pro 5 and 6 support
  • Better OBJ support (currently quite broken)

How to use

Download the latest release for your platform:


Default Song Path

32-bit Windows 2000+"songs" folder in the path of the executable
32-bit Mac OSX 10.5+"songs" folder in the path of the executable
32-bit Ubuntu 11.04+"songs" folder in the path of the executable
AndroidSD Card/drumpster/songs
BlackBerry Playbook/misc/drumpster/songs
HP TouchPad/media/internal/drumpster/drumpster/songs

There is a detailed user and configuration guide here, but to get a quick start:

  • Extract Drumpster to a folder (e.g., c:\drumpster)
  • Make a folder called "songs" in the same folder (e.g., c:\drumpster\songs)
  • Put FoFiX song folders in it, or just plain MIDI and Guitar Pro files in it
  • Start Drumpster
  • Use the mouse or up/down/enter keys to select a song
  • Once finished a song, click on the screen to bring up the in game menu.