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I have a machine stashed behind my TV, it never has a keyboard or mouse plugged into it.

It does, however, have a bunch of different USB devices that get plugged into it when I want to play a different game, e.g., USB Dance Mat for StepMania, USB Rock Band Drums for FoFiX, steering wheel for Live for Speed, etc.

Finding and plugging a keyboard in to launch an application and then swap it out with e.g., drums is a pain.

USBLaunch monitors the USB ports, and launches an application when a specified USB device is plugged in.

How to use

Download USBLauncher here.

  • Click the "Add" button
  • Type in a friendly name for the entry
  • Browse for the application to execute
  • Plug your USB device in, and wait for the vID and pID fields to be filled
  • Accept the entry

The next time you plug that USB device in, the associated application will be launched.